The Schwarzatal Cycle Trail runs from Rudolstadt-Schwarza through Bad Blankenburg, Schwarzburg, Sitzendorf, Unterweißbach, Obstfelderschmiede, Lichtenhain, Oberweißbach, Cursdorf to Neuhaus a.Rwg.

In Bad Blankenburg, the Fröbel Museum, the Town Hall with Fröbel Room and the Dr Steuer Natural History Collection await. With the Greifenstein Castle, the city has not only a unique symbol, but also a beloved excursion destination, featuring a restaurant, museum exhibition and falconry, with aerial displays by the birds of prey. Whoever makes a detour here will be amply rewarded for the steep climb by the fantastic view available from the castle.

From Bad Blankenburg, the trail leads through the wildly romantic Schwarzatal to Schwarzburg. The Schwarzatal is a deeply cut V-shaped valley located on the northern edge of the Thuringia slate mountains. Geological features include the steep rock cliffs and the so-called “Strudeltöpfe” (whirlpools), which can be seen at various places in the Schwarza River.  

The wealth of field, forest and meadow herbal plants is to thank for the Schwarzatal’s reputation as Thuringia's Herb Garden or Olitätenland.

A visitor magnet is the Valley Church in Schwarzburg, which lies directly on the cycle route. A visit to the upper reaches of the village is recommended, with Schwarzburg Castle, the Emperor’s Hall and armoury open to the public. The first official mention of “Swartzburg” (Castle on the Black River) dates from 1071. On August 11, 1919, President Friedrich Ebert signed the Weimar Constitution here while on holiday at the castle.

Further up the river, the cycle trail follows the Schwarza River to Sitzendorf, where Georg Heinrich Macheleid, after “re-inventing” porcelain, grounded the first porcelain factory in Thuringia in 1760.

The cycle trail continues through beautiful scenery to Unterweißbach and then to Obstfelderschmiede. Here it is possible to change modes of transport and enjoy a wonderful trip on the Oberweißbach Mountain Railway. Upon arrival in Lichtenhain, the route continues to Oberweißbach, where a visit to the Friedrich Fröbel Memorial Museum is well-worth making, at any time of year.

From here, the Schwarzatal Cycle Trail reaches Cursdorf, where it is possible to visit the Historic Glass Apparatus Museum or to have fun at the Snowtubing Complex. From Cursdorf, the trail leads to Neuhaus am Rennweg, where it connects with the Rennsteig Cycle Trail. 

Current Route: 

Rudolstadt/Schwarza – Bad Blankenburg – Schwarzburg – Sitzendorf - Unterweißbach  Obstfelderschmiede (transfer to Mountain Railway) - Lichtenhain - Oberweißbach - Cursdorf - Neuhaus a.Rwg.

Route Length:       c. 25.6 km to Obstfelderschmiede
                           c. 39.5 km to Neuhaus a.Rwg.