This baroque castle complex was the seat, hunting castle and summer residence of the counts and princes of Schwarzburg. The castle lies on the crest of a beautiful mountain in the Schwarzatal. Of particular importance is the Imperial Hall Building with its portrait gallery of Roman-German emperors.

The end of the 17th Century saw the first mention of the construction of a “Lusthaus” or Summer House. Originally, plans were made for a three-piece group of pavilions, with the middle building protruding from the row of buildings. From 1710 - 1713, in line with the wishes of Prince Ludwig Friedrich I, the building was built to the specifications we see today, the tower construction.

The Imperial Hall with its full-length emperor portraits is located on the top floor. It was designed to depict the standing and venerable lineage of the Schwarzburg dynasty.

In the 19th Century, the interior rooms were refurbished. In 1941, the Imperial Hall Building was ordered to be completely demolished. However, the National Socialist plan was cancelled before the renovation of the building as a “Reichgästehaus” could be carried out. From 1965 - 1971, the building was restored and opened as a museum.


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