Made by hikers for hikers, the Panorama Route Schwarzatal offers all that a passionate rambler needs: a harmonious cultural landscape with untouched nature, reservoirs, native forests, mountains with beautiful views, castles and palaces. Surprises await along the route’s entire 136km or the trail can be hiked in sections, reached via circular paths from all holiday destinations in the Schwarzatal. 

Here, herbal women and Buckelapotheker (lit: hump-backed apothecaries) have searched for herbs and medicinal plants (Olitäten) throughout the centuries, creating natural remedies, tinctures and medicinal products. These treatments ensured that the Olitätenlands of the Schwarzatal were well known throughout the whole of Germany. 

The important educationalist Friedrich Fröbel, who founded Germany’s first kindergarten in 1840 in today’s Bad Blankenburg, was born here. Fröbel’s decision to name his ground-breaking early-childhood education concept “kindergarten” was inspired by the harmonious landscape and nature of his home region.      

Schwarzburg is of particular historical importance. Since the 12th Century, Schwarzburg Castle has been the seat of the Schwarzburg Counts. On August 11th, 1919, President of the Reich Friedrich Ebert signed the Weimar Constitution, the foundation stone of the German democracy, while on holiday in the region. In 1900, the Dutch Queen Wilhemina spent four weeks incognito here, during which time she met her future husband, Prince Heinrich von Mecklenburg. 


A trip on the Oberweißbach Mountain Railway 

The restored and protected railway connects the Schwarza Funicular Railway with the plateaus around Oberweissbach and is, with its 25% sloping gradient, the steepest cable car in the world. Enjoy the impressive panorama view of the Thuringia Forest as you ride. 

At a glance:

Start and Destination: The mouth of the Schwarza River to the Saale River 
Length: 136 km
Number of stages: 8
Altitude (Approximate): ascent 4,000m / descent 4,000m
Trail Condition: 61% natural, 10% asphalt composite, 29% firm paths.

We wish you much fun and inspiration during your hiking tour!

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