Welcome to the Schwarzatal

The Tourism region Rennsteig – Schwarzatal extends from the source of the River Schwarza, deep in the Rennsteig, to its mouth in the River Saale near Rudolstadt. Here, forested areas alternate with fields and meadows. Unique views over Thuringia’s beautiful landscape are found from every hilltop, and the region includes impressive historic and engineering attractions, as well as stunning natural panoramas.

The Schwarzatal offers its visitors a wide selection of outdoor activities, including hiking and cycling. The Panorama Route Schwarzatal is the backbone of a richly diverse network of walking trails. It is a certified “Quality Trail”, a seal awarded by Wanderbares Deutschland, a nationwide association that promotes and popularises hiking routes. The Oberweissbach Mountain Railway and Schwarzatal Funicular Railway offer the opportunity of discovering the region by rail.

Hidden behind the long-forgotten term Olitäten lies the traditional manufacture and trade in herbal and natural remedies. Wild-growing medicinal herbs are still collected and used to cure ailments. Today, the centuries-old knowledge of their use is still alive and is proudly taught to interested guests. 

The Schwarzatal is also the land of Friedrich Fröbel, Germany’s most famous educationalist, whose creation of the modern day concept of kindergarten spread across the world. Fröbel was born in Oberweissbach and spent important parts of his life in Bad Blankenburg and Keilhau developing his ideas. His legacy can today be experienced in many places throughout the Schwarzatal.