In a mixed forest of oak, birch, fir and spruce, and close to the holiday destination of Schwarzburg in the famed Schwarzatal, lies a pheasantry which was used for the hunting pleasure of the Schwarzburg princes. The pheasantry was built in 1714, but was closed in 1814 due to unprofitability.

Our riding school is located in this appealing area, and features a riding camp, holiday accommodation and a small petting zoo with miniature donkeys, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs.

We offer all our guests the chance to discover our wonderful landscape from horseback. As well as longer trekking tours for both beginners and advanced riders, children and adults can also participate in a shorter 45-minute trek.


Rolf Kallenbach
Fasanerie 1
07427 Schwarzburg
Tel:  036730/22713
Fax: 036730/31433