„Das Glück der Erde liegt auf dem Rücken der Pferde“

 “The happiness of the Earth lies on the backs of horses”.

The idiom may sound better in German than in English, but for the Fröbitz Horse Riding Centre, the sentence rings true in any language. Here guests can enjoy riding through an indescribably beautiful region, free of traffic noise, and with only the aroma of flowering meadows as accompaniment.  Close to Bad Blankenburg, the centre features 30 stalls, a solarium, a wash rack, two exercise areas (sand and grass) and a riding hall, 20m x 40m in size. Day-trekking and tours by the hour are available, either with a pony or a full-sized horse. By appointment, classes for beginners and more advanced riders are also available in show-jumping and dressage, and are also offered for riders with their own horses. For both young and old, there are plenty of attractive leisure activities here to enjoy, and the restaurant offers a delicious range of good traditional fare.

Reiterhof Fröbitz
Frau Marita Möller 
Ortsstr. 12a 
07422 Bad Blankenburg 
Tel.: 036739-22379 
Mobil: 0172-4675499
Email: info@reiterhof-froebitz.de