Summer in Meura is always “showtime” with the annual parade of the stud’s haflinger horses. With great excitement, visitors both young and old await the arrival of the “racy four-legged blondes” and their trainers. Each year, thousands of visitors come to this village of 650 inhabitants to view the stud. With its more than 350 horses, Meura is the largest haflinger stud in Europe.  

For more than 40 years, the haflingers have triumphantly journeyed from their idyllic village to locations around the globe. In Meura, haflinger fans are regularly treated to special events such as the horses’ enrollment in the studbook, the viewing of the newly-born foals and various sales by auction. And with its 35-bed pension, the horse-riding complex also offers the opportunity for a riding holiday in a private atmosphere. Children can also pan for gold or make use of the complex’s creative area.


Haflinger Gestüt Meura
Frau Anke Sendig
Ortsstrasse 116
98744 Meura
Tel.: 036701-31151