Have you already discovered the Thuringia Cycle Route Planner? This free, interactive website is a unique and informative resource for all hobby and professional cyclists. 

The Cycle Route Planner features a cycle network of some 13,000km and provides a comprehensive guide to the Thuringia region, from sight-seeing activites, public transport, cycle rental facilities, rest-stops, playgrounds, car-parks, emergency meeting points to accommodation. Services such as directions, weather forecast and altitude information are also included.

As well as finalised route suggestions, the planner also offers the possibility to plan individual routes down the last detail and provides a visual overview of the planned tour. 

The choice of routes suggested by the Cycle Route Planner can also be influenced by entering various criteria, such as gradients or themes.

It is also possible to plan routes over regional borders, and Hessen and North Rhein Westfalia are also linked.

The Thuringia Cycle Route Planner also offers some 20-40km of routes in the neighbouring states of Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.

A direct link to the Thuringia Cycle Route Planner can be found here: 


or by scanning the QR-code with your smartphone.