The Rinnetal Cycle Trail (currently under construction) will join the Ilmtal Cycle Trail upon completion. The route leads through Königsee, Ober- and Unterköditz, Rottenbach, Quittelsdorf, Leutnitz, Watzdorf, Bad Blankenburg and ends in Schwarza, where it joins the Saaletal cycle trail.

At present, the Rinnetal cycle trail can be followed from Bad Blankenburg to Rottenbach.

Route:                  Bad Blankenburg – Watzdorf – Leutnitz – Quittelsdorf - Rottenbach

Route Length:          8 km   

From Rottenbach to Königsee, cyclists must ride on the B88 and on the finished parts of the Rinnetal cycle trail.

Tip:    At Leutniz, turn onto the Monastery Cycle Trail in the direction of Solsdorf. This route leads through a scenery-rich area to the Romanesque monastery ruins at Paulinzella. More information is provided on the Monastery Cycle Trail page of this website.