The Bike Bus


Since May 1, 2014, cyclists have been able to travel with the buses of the KomBus company to the starting points of some of the most beautiful bike trails in Thuringia or let themselves be chauffeured home after a long, tiring tour. The Bike Bus is regularly en route in the districts of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt and Saale-Orla. 

With bike racks through the countryside
In addition, on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays in the summer months, all KomBus regional buses are fitted with bike racks, which can carry up to seven cycles. With these custom-built racks, a safe transport of your bike is guaranteed.

Due to the limited space for bikes on the regional buses, prior bookings are recommended. Reservations can be made via the KomBus-Servicetelefon on 0180 / 333 72 87 or 03671 / 525190 before Fridays, 12pm.

Without a reservation, Kombus cannot guarantee cycle transport! 

More information can be found here



Cycle Transport on the Mountain and Funicular Railway


Transport with the Schwarzatal Funicular Railway:

The transport of a limited number of bicycles on this railway is free.

Transport with the Mountain Railway:  
The transport of bicycles is only possible in the passenger cars. 

  • Free transport
  • Maximum 8 bikes
  • Hourly transport
  • The cable car leaves on the hour, every hour from Lichtenhain (Mountain Station) i.e. 9am, 10am, 11am
  • The cable car leaves every hour on the half hour from Obstfelderschmiede (Valley Station) i.e. 9.30am, 10.30am, 11.30am
  • Due to safety restrictions, the transport of bicycles on the goods wagon is not possible. 

Further information can be found here



Cycle Transportation on the Erfurter Bahn


Our trains provide access for wheelchairs, prams and cycles in multi-purpose compartments. However, as our trains are all built differently, the available space is varied from train to train.

Precendence of other Travellers
While travelling, please leave your cycle in the designated area. Please be aware that travellers with wheelchairs or prams or with reduced mobility have priority travel. Therefore, the transportation of cycles is only possible depending on available capacity. The final decision about the transportation will be made by Erfurter Bahn staff. We rely on your understanding and mutual consideration.

Cycle Groups

We recommend that you do not travel as a cycle group during peak times on the railways. Another tip is to register your group, when travelling with more than three cycles. Please contact us online here, via our service telephone number: 0361 74207 250 or by email:

Construction Work
During track construction work, cycle tranportation may not be possible on the Erfurter Bahn. When you wish to travel as a group (with more than three cycles) we recommend that you make contact with us at least a day before.

Cycle Tickets

  • In Thuringia, Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt, the transportation of cycles is free when combined with a valid passenger ticket.
  • Cycle Daily Ticket Bavaria: 5 €*: full-day cycle transportation in Bavaria.
  • Cycle-Short Trip Ticket*: price dependant on distance travelled and whether the trip is one-way or return. 
  • Cycle Ticket Local Transport: 5 €* per bike. 

Further information can be found here