Gold has been sought in the Slate Mountains for centuries and numerous places in the region have been mined. It is thought that even the Celts passed through Thuringia in the search for the precious metal. Many of the region's inhabitated areas were first established as settlements for gold miners, as the names of numerous villages, castles and streams show.

Panning for gold is technically easier than mining, and for this reason, the techique was commonly used in the Schwarzatal. Evidence for this is seen in the numerous traces of the miners found in the valley's meadows, ruins from old stamping mills and last but not least, a rich culture of myths and legends.

Between May and September, gold panning events are held in the Schwarza River, under the expert tutelage of Weimar goldsmith Christian Kreibich. All who participate are rewarded with little slivers of gold. 

Gold panning events can be booked either per telephone or fax.

Further information about planned panning events can be found here


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