Between Bad Blankenburg and Schwarzburg, and high above the Schwarza, lies a former slate quarry, which today is home to a conservation station named for the doctor and entomologist, Dr. Helmut Steuer.

Since October 1993, the location has been used by the ornithology and conservation group "Unteres Schwarzatal" (Lower Schwarzatal) as an outdoor classroom. The group's interests include:

- outreach work in hands-on nature and species conservation
- youth conservation education and training 
- scientific research in the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt region.

Environmental education and outdoor experience are becoming more and more important. Here, families and school groups are able to learn about flora, fauna and conservation. Intersting presentations, events and workshops are also held inside the modern building. 

- Station guided tour, with entry to exhibition        2 € p/p
- Guided natural history hiking tours through the Schwarzatal and region    3 € p/p
- Themed events                                                  2 € p/p
  (Moth or Bat Nights, Bird Song etc.)

Minimum group size: from 7 people
Pick up with minibus from Bad Blankenburg possible, by request:
Taxi Winter Tel.: 036741-4 24 00

Tip: Visit the "Smallest Bat Centre" in  Großgölitz
        (prior appointment necessary)!


Station Co-ordinator:
Mobil: 01577-3943233  (available from 8am-4pm)