Close to the Mountain Station of the Oberweißbach Mountain Railway in Lichtenhain is a new attraction for families – the Froebel Forest.

In line with the Fröbel philosophy, the ten stations of the Fröbel Forest will, once finished, depict the history of the Schwarzatal in both a playful and educational manner. 

Keeping in mind children’s abilities and instinct for play, the information has been designed to stimulate all senses. A keystone of the concept is the accompaniment of children by adults (parents, teachers etc) who are familiar with and can support Fröbel’s main principles, such as allowing children to attempt activities for themselves, and to explore and understand the world in their own time and manner. 

Stations that have been already opened: 

  1. Tor zur anderen Welt

  2. Beim Köhler

  3. Im Steinbruch

  4. Am Falkenblick

Planned Stations:

  5. Pfad der Waldpflanzen

  6. In der Waldhütte

  7. Seltene Baumarten

  8. Zum Fröbelturm

  9. Traditionelle Handwerke

10. Bei den Waldtieren


More information about the Fröbel Forest Lichtenhain can be found here