The Friedrich Fröbel Museum, open since 1982, explains the beginnings of early childhood education and the concept of kindergarten in an authentic setting. The permanent exhibition illustrates the life of the founder of the first kindergarten, Friedrich Fröbel, and illuminates his pedagogic concept of early childhood education. As well as an authentic reconstruction of Fröbel’s living room and study, the museum is home to the Fröbel Archive as well as a Special Library, with more than 5,000 volumes of national and international Fröbel literature. A special highlight for visitors is the playroom, in which children and adults are able to play together. The museum also offers age-appropriate guided tours, subject-specific presentations, games with Fröbel’s “gifts” and lessons in paper-folding, weaving, cutting, forming and hole-pricking.


Johannisgasse 4
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Tel.: (03 67 41) 25 65

Fröbel in the region