As you gaze down over the city of Bad Blankenburg from the surrounding hills, the most prominent highlight is the imposing House of God, St Nicolai Church. The Evangelical city church was founded in 1385 but the present structure dates from 1749. Five years after a large fire destroyed the building in 1744, the single-nave church was completely rebuilt. Today, alongside numerous church services and parish events, the church also plays host to enchanting concerts, held in a spiritual atmosphere. 

Historical Dates:
1196 - Official registration 
1385 - Laying of the tower foundation stone 
1744 - Church destroyed by fire
1747 - Laying of foundation stone for church reconstruction
1886 - Church renovation, addition of the apse and paintings, depiction of the Resurrection added to the Arch of Triumph 
1933 - Interior renovation 
1942 - Removal of large bell
1975/76 - Interior restoration, changes to the presbytery 
1997 - 250-year church anniversary, presbytery renovation

Kirchplatz 2
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Tel.: 036741-2971

Bad Blankenburg