Guided City Tour Bad Blankenburg - "In Fröbel's Footsteps"


In 1840, the world’s first kindergarten was founded by the Thuringen educationalist, Friedrich Fröbel, in Bad Blankenburg, and it was here that the first kindergarten teachers were trained.

Join us in following Fröbel’s footsteps through Bad Blankenburg, passing by his former residence in the Prießnitzstraße and his memorial in the Badewäldchen, and visit the extensive exhibition about Fröbel’s life and work in the local Fröbel Museum.  

*Tours: by appointment
*Duration: c. 120 Minutes
*Price:   10 € per person / Children under 14: 5 € / Minimum number of participants: 5
*Includes city tour and entry to the Fröbel Museum

Booking and information available from:
Tourist- und ServiceCenter Bad Blankenburg
Bahnhofstraße 23
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Tel.:    036741-2667

Interactive Fröbel Trail through Bad Blankenburg


Would you like to discover Fröbel's Trail through Bad Blankenburg by yourself?

No problem! And here's how:

The Interactive Route is made up of seven stations, which can be reached via directions provided by your Smartphone. Every stage features a sign with a QR-Code. Simply scan this with your phone to receive text, photographs, videos and comentary about each station.

Fröbel in the region