The Fröbel Tower (785m above sea level) is Oberweißbach’s most famous landmark. It was erected in 1890 as a memorial to Friedrich Fröbel. Hikers to this beloved day-trip destination are rewarded with a beautiful panorama view over Thuringia’s mountain ranges from the tower’s viewing platform. The Fröbel Tower also features a restaurant, which offers inviting refreshments. 

1888       Laying of the foundation stone on April 21, Friedrich Fröbel's 106th birthday
1890       Dedication on July 27, after two year's construction
1923       Expansion of the shelter
1935 and 1939  Construction of the verandah
1945       Heavy damages due to the war
1946       Rudolf Henkel, who later ran the tower restaurant, started restoration work
1969       Coating of the tower with asbestos-cement panels 
1977       Unveiling of a memorial board on the day of Fröbel's death, June 21
1989/90  Renovation of the tower and restaurant, construction of the carpark 
2007/08  Renovation of the restaurant, construction of new windows and heating facilities 
2011      Renewal of the windows in the viewing tower 
During the laying of the foundation stone on 21.4.1888, the chairperson of the Oberweissbach Forest Association said: 

"Let this foundation stone be a symbol of thanks to Friedrich Fröbel and a testament to lovers of the Oberweißbach area and nature, and may the tower be a destination for hikers, from which to view a large segment of the beautiful state of Thuringia."

Berggasthaus Fröbelturm
Auf dem Kirchberg
D-98744 Oberweißbach
Tel.:  +49 36705-62074

Fröbel in the region