Health from the depths of the mountains 

The Saalfeld Feengrotten, which is well-known beyond the borders of Germany, every year attracts numerous visitors from all over the world. A large number of health-conscious guests are also drawn to Saalfeld as here awaits not only a fascinating dripstone world, but also a place of peace with the power to heal. A visit to the Heilstollen (Remedial Cave) as part of the Feengrotten complex is like a short holiday from daily life. The special climate and calming atmosphere deep underground help to break down stress and lead to a deep relaxation, which in turn has a positive effect on the entire organism. The general well-being of body and spirit is tangibly improved, and the immune system and body’s defences strengthened.

Healthy Air in the Heart of the Mountain 

The curative effect of the Heilstollen comes from the underground climate. The air in the caves is extremely clean and free of dust, germs, allergenics and ground-level ozone. The air humidity is 98% and is a steady 10 °C throughout the year. In addition, a small amount of natural radioactivity ionises the air in the mountain, which causes its permament self-cleaning effect.

For who is the inhalation therapy suitable?

Patients with illnesses of the circulatory system, allergies and / or neurodermitis have experienced a tangible relief from their complaints. The air is also effective as a prevention for pollen sicknesses, for the decrease of the symptoms of ozone or dust problems, and as a treatment for colds and flu’s. More than 95% of patients have reported an improvement in their situation and an increase in their general feeling of well-being. Numerous medical students and reports prove the effectiveness of cave therapies. Examples of these studies can be found on the Feengrotten website:

Two hours for your health

The Remedial Cave therapy in the Feengrotten is a stress and side-effect free natural remedy. The inhalation therapy is an effective alternative or complement to classical medicine. The outpatient therapy lasts for two hours. From a medical point of view, a therapy duration of three weeks is recommended, particularly for chronic illnesses. During the therapy, guests are cared for by trained personal. Comfortable deckchairs with padded mats and sleeping bags are available, and warm tea and healthy mineral water sourced from the deeps of the Saalfeld Feengrotten are also served. We recommend the wearing of warm and comfortable clothing during the treatment.


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