The Oberweißbach Herbal Nature Trail introduces visitors to more than 150 different remedial herbs and plants. The 2.4km-long trail leads from the Fröbel House to the Fröbel Tower (785m above sea level), where it connects with the International Friendship Trail Eisenach - Budapest.

The trail is also a part of the Olitäten Circular Walk (178km), which leads through the entire Olitätenland offering beautiful scenery, vitality and a diversity of experiences.

Hiking along the Oberweißbach Herbal Nature Trail, a part of the Thuringia Olitäten Route 

Route: Fröbel House, Market – Gassenweg – Heckersberg – Herb Cabin – Reststop – Herbal meadow at the Fröbel Tower

Route length:   c. 2.5 km
Time required for completion:        45 min

It is also possible to take part in guided tours. Further information is available from:

Familie Andreas Worm
Rudolstädter Straße 68
98744 Oberweißbach
Tel.: 03 67 05 62 15 0