Antonius Spring in Bad Blankenburg


On 25.03.1999, the Thuringian State Government awarded the city of Bad Blankenburg the rating “State Registered Medical Spring”. From the Antonius Spring bubbles natural water, enriched with sodium, calcium and chlorine, which is suitable for drinking, inhalation or spa therapy.  

The remedial water supports the recovery from chronic infections of the stomach and the duodenum, inflammatory bowel disease and circulatory problems, and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Food technologists, who analysed the spring, have suggested the following dosage and use of the water:

- The water is to be drunk three times a day, before every main meal.
- The remedial waters should be warmed for sensitive patients.
- With calcium deficiency, 2.5 litres of water should be drunk each day.
- An overdose is not possible. Side effects and other consequences are not known.  

The pavilion is located in the Kurpark close to the wooden Schwarza Bridge at the pedestrian crossing.



The Bad Blankenburg Kurpark reaches on both sides of the Schwarza River, from the Stadthalle (Town Hall) almost until the Chrysopras Weir, where the Schwarzatal begins. Three bridges connect the pathways dotted throughout the park. An abundance of colourful flowers and their sweet smells accompany visitors as they stroll through the park.

Since in the middle of the 19th century, the roots of the city’s health spa business have been located here, with the Kaltwasserheilanstalt (Cold Water Health Institute). In the 1970s, the Rose Well was renovated and the park complex extended. In summer, the water play in the Rose Well is popular with both locals and guests alike.

The Badewäldchen is located to the right of the Schwarza River. A swimming pool, the Antonius Spring and a water-treading facility can be found here.

In the park, Friedrich Fröbel held many kindergarten festivals. Today, concerts are regularly held every summer, bringing the area to life.


Bad Blankenburg