Hostel and Scout Centre Bad Blankenburg


The building features more than 85 beds, a dining hall with TV nook, as well as a conference room with piano.

The lodgings are situated in four or six bed rooms. For teachers, two or three bed rooms are available. In the warmer months, bungalows on the edge of the forest are also available (with a total of 42 extra beds). These are also suitable for families.


Herberge & Pfadfinderzentrum "Zum Greifenstein"
Jugendherberge 1
07422 Bad Blankenburg
Tel.: 036741-25 28
Fax: 036741- 58 64 71

We are available by telephone from 8am-4pm during the week, or by email outside of these times. 

Schwarzburg Youth Hostel


The youth hostel features three separate buildings and a large outdoor area. The main house was founded in 1928 by Alfred Töpfer-Kaufmann in Hamburg and was opened as a hikers / youth hostel in 1932. The Köthen House, located directly on the banks of the River Schwarza, is designed for families or as a holiday apartment, with living room, main bedroom, children's room, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, 12 bungalows offer alternative family accommodation.

Jugendherberge Schwarzburg "Hans Breuer"
Am Buschbach 2
07427 Schwarzburg
Tel: +49 36730 2222-3
Fax: +49 36730 3355-5